Saturday, August 11, 2012

30 day challenge

My usual daily routine these days goes like this: wake up, shower, eat, nap, jog or swim or core training, eat, then sleep. Except of course when my friends text me if we should go out then it’ll be like this:
wake-up, shower, eat, go out, come home drunk, sleep, be awake on 12noon the next day. Then I realized I’ve been far from being productive as I should be. If you guys would be wondering why I don’t have a job or something like that, honestly, I don’t know why. I know I should be out there doing some job hunting but maybe it hasn’t knocked in me yet, the idea of working and all, plus I’m waiting for something to come so technically that’s the one stopping me now (I can’t just spoil that yet!).

So here I am determined to challenge myself, something to keep myself in line for the last 30 days before I add another year to my age. For 30 days, I’ll list down 5 important things I had in my day:

1)      What did I eat for the entire day?
2)      Where have I been today?
3)      What did I do? (or maybe just about the significant parts of my day)
4)      What did I learn? (realizations and all that)
5)      What I am determined to accomplish for the next 30 days? Or a month? A year? Goal planning!
(Add a picture if necessary)

So basically it’s just about writing a diary about my day, right? But I just wanna do something extraordinary for a change, challenging myself to do something out of the box. Yes, I’ve always been like this, really really OC at times.

So what’s my purpose for all these shenanigans and whatnots? Well, this will be a birthday present for me. I may not know why but may I’ll find out about it after 30 days.

Challenge yourself with something out of the ordinary too. It’ll be rewarding in the end, I’m sure and share it to the world too!

So let’s see what happens after 30 days!