Sunday, August 26, 2012

Birthday Wishlist

It's that time of the year agaaaaaain. This is after all my blog and I will post anything as I please as to HOPING someone out there will hear my wishes. 
This is my mandatory "birthday wishlist" post. Wala lang, feel ko lang, okay?

I'm this close to having it, but my Dad won't simply allow me to have one. End of discussion. Maybe if I'm a year older, he'll be okay with the idea soon. (I wish!)
2. Artsy frames
I feel like my new room's too dull. I need some decorating to do. Perhaps you can help me by donating me these cute and artsy frames? :))))
3. Sports Watch
Ambisyosa kung ambisyosa but I really fell in love with this watch. I wanted to buy it pero di kaya sa powers. Hahaha. Say hello to the Timex Health Tracker. 

4. Camera
As most of you know, I'm fond of taking pictures. I use it to blog too, and I can't afford one but I really do hope that I can have one soon. Teeheeeee.
I'm hoping to have something like this though, not a DSLR but the same features. A vintage-y feel that is.
Or this new 650D. It's close to my old 60D but the latter is too expensive. I'd be really happy for this already. Haha!
5. Cute notebooks
My boyfriend knows where to find me if I get lost in a mall. I've said this once and I'll say it again, I'm fond of paperbacks and notebooks. I've always had. Everytime I'm stressed, don't take me to a clothing store, take me to a bookstore instead and buy me notebooks like these. I'd be really happyyyyyy. I love them. I just do! 
Oh yes, please yes!!!! This I have to admit is my MOST FAVORITE kind of steak there is to mankind. I eat one like a hungry lion alongside the Hallelujah chorus. Can I get an AMEN? 

7. Naked 2 palette
I've never been a fan of make-up till recently I read Bobbi Brown's Manual, then I learned a thing or two about it. I like it plain and simple, nude as it is. Yes, can someone buy this one for me?

8. Satchel Bags
I've always been a fan of huge bags, the ones that make me go baserk every time I search for my phone at the bottom-most part. Yes, I'm that kind of weird person who likes the hassle. I just love huge bags. Hahaha! Forgive me.

9. Running shoes

Running, it gets addicting. And yes, I love the feeling, you should try it. Maybe blog about it more soon too. The important gear for running? SHOES. Mine's been a huge help to me, helped me finish a few marathons but it's getting a bit older everyday. 

Oh, I said it already, right? So maybe I really do want it that much. HAHAHA!

So yes, there you have it. My birthday wishlist for this year. I'm not expecting all of these to be mine anytime soon, but one can dream right? :) 

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