Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Board Blues

And I'm alive...

Yes, it's been awhile since I've gone rogue here in my blog. Have I been busy? More like uninspired if you’d put it like that plus I’m way behind my scheduled deadline for a previous event I recently attended (I promise with good heart I’ll write about it soon).

So what’s up everyone? It has been awhile since I’ve put my hands on my laptop. If it’s any form of recognition I just passed the June 2012 Nurse Licensure Exam (round of applause and flying kisses to all thank you). NEVER as in NEVER (emphasis on the word) in my wildest dreams have I ever grasped the possibility that I would pass the board exam.

WHY you might ask? Three reasons:
First, well maybe because ever since Typhoon Sendong last year I have put a black hole curse on that board exam shiz. It came with frustration. I have prepared myself slightly intellectually, wholly emotionally and spiritually and well let’s just say I’ve gone to places far and beyond, did things beyond my capability (like pull an all-nighter to even bother to read some things I can’t recall having gone through in college because I never was the studious type of being), and to call all the divine interventions so that I will be prepared to take the board exam and BOOM, I wasn’t able to waltz in that examination room (given the very unfortunate circumstances that have happened which barred the possibilities for me to take the exam). The storm not only took away my home and my late dog but so did my future and put a huge strain on me and my family. So maybe I cursed all the bad beings with it.

Second, it came with more frustration. The earlier months this year was well let’s say excruciating would be an understatement. I attended a lot of thanksgiving parties because my friends were newly registered nurses. Attending those parties was like inflicting pain to me. It was the best of masochistic times. Consider it as one of the, if not the most, lowest of times for me.

Third? Since I wasn’t interested at all, my parents took me to the PRC so I can do all the filing (which by the way was easy and fast before you can say pie). Then I only reviewed for 10 days and barely touched the books I borrowed from my friends because I lost all hope (plus slothfulness was my best friend).

But you know what got me through it all? PRAYER. When I pray, I pray hard and really REALLY HARD hoping that God would really hear me. I think passing the board exam was 90% prayer and 10% whatever was left in my stock of wits. Needless to say prayer really does take you to places, I even earned an average which was WAYYYY more than I expected (I landed a line of 8).

It’s amazing what you can receive when you ask from God sincerely. He’ll take you to places you never thought you’d go, receive things you never thought of having and be blessed with so much than you thought you’d deserve. We all have an awesome God no matter what our religion is, Allah, Buddah or whoever we look up to, it only takes faith for us to be there, faith in our Creator, faith in our family on how they molded us to be what we are now, faith in our school from all the projects and those lengthy exams our very competitive clinical instructors gave us and most of all, faith in ourselves. We really do have to believe in what we are capable of because where would we all be if we’ll always see less of ourselves?

When we hit rock bottom, there’s no other way around but to climb up. We have to move forward. We can’t be stuck forever on whining about our lowest of times. Yes we may tweet about it or post a status on Facebook looking for all the sympathies in the world but that’s it, we’ll just be stuck there, on the bottom and be the star of the pity-party. We gotta fight it, when the going gets rough, we have to put the best tough face and move forward. The places we’ll all be after our downfall are endless and the best part is they’re very rewarding. Trust me, been there and done that. *wink*

And I quote from one of my favorite verses 
"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” – Matthew 7:7


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