Monday, August 13, 2012

One mountain at a time to a change of lifestyle

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I may still be far, far, far away to adapting that lifestyle change that I’ve always wanted, we always have to start somewhere, right?
Okay, so maybe I’ll confess that I’ve been putting some effort into shedding off some pounds lately. I was simply fed up with the feeling of not being able to buy clothes you like and hearing some so-so “compliments” on how much you’ve changed, physically. 
I’m thinking about posting some of the recipes I cook here on my blog (not now, maybe soon, maybe when I’m more “expert” as you may say) because in the adapting the healthy lifestyle commotion I’m putting myself into, I would really want to use this motto I’ve tied up: LET’S EAT OUR WAY TO FITNESS. Yes that’s right! Most of the people I know who want and/or who are desperate to look like Alessandra Ambrosio, Megan Fox, Zac Efron or Chris Pine (someone ring the fire alarm, I just dropped the hot-people-bomb names) are into crash dieting i.e. eating three pieces of Skyflakes a day and relying on water to relieve hunger. Plus getting completely rid of rice, RICE, RIIIIICE! It’s my staple! It’s delicious! I can seriously eat rice and nothing else to go along with it, yet other people were able to live with the idea of not being able to eat rice and maybe not eat anything at all. Where do you think do these people can get all the necessary nutrients their body needs? I ponder on that and maybe it’s probably one of the many reasons (besides lack of determination and just being a plain slob that I already am) I never liked the idea of dieting. That’s why I always tell my fitness buddy/boyfriend to never ever crash diet and eat right. That’s what I’ve learned and it sounds just right.
So I figured why shouldn’t I try eating healthy foods rich with nutrients yet help me kick off some unnecessary weight? (The idea of South Beach Diet comes into mind) After all, food is my first love! Then photography, traveling, etc would follow that. I’ve been cooking a lot ever since I was way back in 4th or 5th grade and I could recall that I’m an avid fan of pasta which I’m mostly cooking. Uh-oh, carbs, too much, bad idea. Chosss.

So yes ladies and gentlemen who are again spending a little bit of wee minutes of your valuable and precious time, lo and behold my masterpiece which I’d like to share on what I’ve cooked so far from the long point I’ve tried to explain earlier. Pictures only, you won’t get any recipes from me in the mean time (that is assuming, AGAIN, that someone is actually reading this blog).
Chicken Pandan
I used chicken thighs because it contains less fat as I’ve read in some online resources and it’s tastier. Plus it’s my favorite part of the chicken. It surprisingly smells good (that from the pandan leaves) and tastes good from the simple marinade I put together.
Sauteed Sayote Leaves

I always make it to a point to give myself a healthy dose of greens! I love vegetables! That’s why I have no problem with cooking it as much as I have no problem eating it. This one is really simple. Just a whip of oyster sauce on the sayote leaves heated with olive oil and in just a snap of a minute, it’s done. 
Not only do I cook like an articulate-Lifestyle Network-wannabe chef in the comfort of my own abode, I of course do some few rounds of jog (by few I mean no more than 4 continuous rounds of jog in our city’s sports center. Shame on me). We y’all gotta sweat it somehow, right?
So there you have it, my first entry about my shameless journey to fitness! You may say who am I to formulate this entry when I myself even ain’t that fit as I sound here. Well you know, we all have to climb one mountain at a time to arrive to the place where we want to be. Yes, you can quote on that awful metaphor I just wrote. Haha! Till then :)

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