Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ishagit ug kusog.

This blog commences my return from blogoSiberia where I have, yet again, been idle for the longest time. I keep on promising myself to update just at least once a week yet I end up getting tired and all. But enough excuses that's not what I'm here for, I came back to write about my awesome week getaway with my friends, Cebu's Sinulog Festival.

Okay okay, I must admit that I missed out on the parades, especially the huge, colorful and creative floats and the annual streetdance competition with their lovely costumes and themes to match, we basically went there to pray by day and party by night (and-go-home-comatose-kind-of-partying).

We were supposed to arrive on Thursday but no thanks to the weather and our airline of choice, flights were cancelled FOR THE ENTIRE DAY. We got stuck in the airport for 14 friggin hours so imagine our demise with our high hopes and expectations ended up with just crapful of complaints and sighs.

Come Friday, we couldn't afford not to be there for the most awaited party event everrrr, LIFE DANCE SINULOG 2013. Eh eh eh eh eh ah ah ah ah, ohh Otto Knows definitely knows how to keep that song stuck in our heads. Featured DJ's like AN21 and Max Vangeli (the best set for me) and the awesome Joaquim Giraud (his cool 3-D visual effects and impromtu sets) just made the crowd go WILD. Like really wild! I was standing right in front of the DJ set so everytime I'd turn my back to look at the crowd, they were all jumping and singing along to the songs they were playing. It was crazy. My feet became a trampoline that night so imagine me going home with literally dead feet. But it was all worth it.

We slept the entire morning for the Saturday Procession of the Sto. NiƱo. Then partied like crazy at Club VUDU.
Sunday came, went to mass and to the streets to invade the street parties At Baseline which Sinulog is best known for.

Now, let me end the talking and let the pictures explain what I'm jibbering about. Sinulog will always be on the top of my highlights in my year. Always.

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