Saturday, October 13, 2012

Human Nature Re-Launch in CDO

Last September 14, 2012 was the re-launching of Human Nature here in Cagayan de Oro. It's a social enterprise focused on natural and organic products which is a plus since I'm all about the use of organic products for skin care.

Human Nature was born from passion burned from Anna Meloto-Wilk, Dylan Wilk and Camille Meloto. They were Gawad Kalinga volunteers who saw the bitter realities of the poverty side of our country. Through this discovery, they were driven to make products from Gawad Kalinga farms which spur growth for a better environment and a source of livelihood for the poor.

What's more interesting is the company's principles which made me more inlove with Human Nature. There are 3:

  1. They are PRO-POOR. Human Nature's goal is to provide a better source of livelihood to the Gawad Kalinga residents and communities. With their advocacy, the poor will be able to attain a stable source of income by employing the GK residents. 
  2. They are PRO-PHILIPPINES which means their products are 100% made in the Philippines. Did I already mention that their products are all naturally-organic? They make use of the best agricultural goods that our country has to offer. It's like they make products from the Philippines and for the Filipinos to benefit especially the poor.
  3. They are PRO-ENVIRONMENT. The raw materials are not produced from toxic-induced chemicals thus they make use of the naturally-derived products to nourish them. So no-no to pollutants for the Human Nature products indeed.
So here's the launching of the Human Nature here in our quaint little city of Cagayan de Oro:

Here's Teacher Marla, one of the spearheads of Human Nature Cagayan de Oro. She was the one who invited me. She was my English Teacher in Grade 2. It's like she never aged a day!


And here are their products! These are protective repellants.

Slideshow of the history of Human Nature was being shown too.

I love the detail of the post and the ceiling. It's a cute tree!

The CDO Human Nature Team with Gawad Kalinga family

Facial Care products. Thinking of buying these soon. I have such sensitive skin these days. Probably due to chemicals, yes?

I actually bought this one since I heard good reviews about it. This is their Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil. It's true! This oil does wonders! Not only to the face but also for the hair and body! Miracle in a bottle so it's a must try!

Body Butter Cream. 

Shampoo and Conditioner.

Whitening Deo for Women.

This one is their hand and foot salve. Gets rid of your calluses. Take care of the palms and soles people!

I love pampering myself ala spa mode so I'll buy this body scrub soon so there won't be any need to go to the spa.

They also have make-up! Pressed powder, foundation, blush, eye-shadow, lipsticks and lip balm. I actually bought the lip balm. It's made from beeswax. Let's not make a habit to put petroleum-based products on our lips because it kills off the oxygen.

Baby Care products.

During the launching, they served some delicious food from Sentro Catering. SARAP! 

Photo with Zee Paduganan my love! 

Bloggers in action. Photo from Mia Durano.

I went home with these babies. The Citronella Bug Spray is very useful for me since I have a little bit of trauma from my experience of having Dengue. Byebye mosquitoes! The lip balm and sunflower oil are both good for everyday casual days if you're too lazy to put on makeup since the lip balm leaves of a tint of color after putting it on. The sunflower oil can also be a good primer too.

I'm very happy with my Human Nature experience. The advocacy is something to be proud of as a Filipino. So let's help the poor and help our skin too! Drop by Human Nature at corner Velez- Hayes Streets, here in Cagayan de Oro. Visit them on their website too!

PS: I know this is a super late update. Just got hold of my laptop again. Teehee ^^

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